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D'bra Powell



D'bra Powell is a Dance/House/Gospel/Jazz/R&B artist from Chicago, Illinois. 

I am currently working with Code Media Group Inc in New York, NY and Sunrise

Studio LLC in Daytona Beach, Florida to further establish my career in this industry. I am

excited to be working with Carl Van Nevius III with Code Media Group Inc and Sunrise

LLL, whom has CODENYCMAG.com. Thanks to Jeffery Collins, my 1st. release of Dance

Music was on his label, Echo Records with "Half A Heartbeat" and Love Addiction.

ReneDJ, loved this song. He said, lets rerelease it with my friend LooweeR. Rene put LooweeR and I together and "Half A Heartbeat" was released on iMusic Underground, his label. Then LooweeR and I teamed up on another 

project, "Walking On Faith", also released on his label at www.traxsource.com. Then LooweeR said, you need to do a cover. So, we collaborated on, "Living All Alone, I Can't Stand It". This lead me to work with James Germany where we released this rendition on his Label, Atwork Records. God has blessed me to have the opportunity to be able to write my own lyrics. Create my own melodies. Sing my own background voices while performing as the Lead Singer. I am also a pianist and on some of my works I am playing the piano and other instruments in my musical creations.

JoioDJ of Dejavoo Records in Italy and I began our work together after my release of a cover, Living All Alone "I Can't Stand It". This Cover was Produced by LooweeR. Now Owner of RIPP TRAX. This was a tribute to the late Phyllis Hyman with

my added ending, "I Can't Stand It". I currently have 4 releases on Dejavoo Records withJoioDJ my Label and Producer in Italy. "Dreams Come True" with guest Bassist Tony (TNT) Jones, "Say Yes Take My Hands", "Daddy's Gone Home" and "Caught Off Guard" (released Aug. 6th).Daddy's Gone Home is another Production and collaboration with LooweeR. I had a song that I had written when my Dad passed. LooweeR had a beat. So we United and Created. Thanks To Joio, it was released the way I was seeking. In Worldwide Digital Stores, not just traxsource. Thank You Joio and LooweeR. 


On my releases with JoioDJ, DEJAVOO RECORDS, he teamed up with 2 of Italy's Top Dance Producers, Ferrari and Bergamasco on "Dreams Come True" (a remake on Joio's Label),  "Say Yes Take My Hands" and "Caught Off Guard", (my original compositions). "Dreams Come True and Caught Off Guard both charted on the Top 100 Soulful Charts. This lead to my working with Ferrari & Bergamasco. We collaborated on a Gospel House release, "I'm On Fire". It released July 13, 2018 on their new Label, "SUNFLOWERMUSIC". This is our 1st Project together on this label. We have another project together, collaborating on the cover of Jocelyne Brown, "I Like It Like That". It will be released in September and presented at the Amsterdam Dance Music Event in Mid October. 


In April, JoioDJ released an EP on his other Label, DEJAVOO TRIBE, with my song, "Say Yes Take My Hands".  It is #3 on this release. I have another release out with Hakuei Kameda a DJ in Japan. "Sitting On Top Of The World". It is our 1st. collaboration with H2 Production a Soulful, Deep House Label. Hakuei  added a Saxophone to my creation. Hakuei also has a mix with Dejavoo Records on "Caught Off Guard". In November 2017 and January 2018, I was interviewed on freeagent.com and .com by RhondaSupreme. Her show is On The Grind. In December 2017, I was interviewed with Ed Umoja on his show HouseOf Umoja / Dr. Walls And Friends/Piton International Film Festival//UCCN TV in Philadelphia. It's on YouTube. 


In July and November of 2017, I performed with the "Peace Starts With Me Choir". Our July performance was in Madison Square Garden, NY. A 3,000 voice choir under the  direction of Curtis Farrow. We were the voices behind Hezekiah Walker and Yolanda Adams. This lead to our travel to Seoul, Korea in November where once again, under the direction of Curtis Farrow, we were the voices behind Hezekiah Walker at the Seoul Stadium. The Peace Starts With Me Choir. And we performed as a choir for Mother Moon and her Congregation in their Church.


2018 has brought me the opportunity to collaborate my works with 3 Labels so far. I am in the studio creating new works with these Labels. Also, I am collaborating with a band out of Italy, Mus Three & The Funk Lovers. Thank You To My Engineers who are so essential to my vocal work. Along with my studio work, I am performing Live. Some performances are my releases strictly. I'm in Vermont in August performing Jazz with Shelia Jordan, Jay Clayton and Eugene Uman. This will be my 3rd year performing in Vermont. Then, I am performing in San Francisco, for Pat Womack's 77th Birthday Celebration. 


I will be back in Atlantic City performing R&B, Jazz and my original music with my cousin Burnell Brown and her company, The Majestic Entertainment Group. To date, we have worked at Kelsey's, The Claridge Hotel and other venues in Atlantic City. I am also a member of the National R&B Society. Where I was one of the 4 background singers for all Artist performing in 2017. With my releases, I have toured Chicago, Miami, Las Vegas, Vermont, Gulfport Miss., NY/NJ and Philadelphia.

I have some dates already for 2018 as my schedule continues to grow with my works and releases. You can find me on YouTube and my music is in all digital Stores. 


Some releases are on www.traxsource.com

My Electronic Press Kit (EPK) is

dbra EPK.

My website www.dbrapowell.com 

As an Artist, I am so excited to be able to wake up daily with another opportunity to create, develop & learn something new.


Go out and get a copy of my work. I even have 2 videos that I created the storyboard for on YouTube. Check them out.


"Your Support Is Important".


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SoundCloud - Ronnie1151933

Instagram - Singing Mica

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Above is the link for the review on "I'm On Fire"



Above is the link for the review on "Caught Off Guard"

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Photography by Leonardo DeVega